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CCTV Surveillance


Security Cameras have gradually gained popularity because of the incorporation of unique features in them. The use of these cameras is not restricted to homes or business place only as they are being widely used in laboratories, museums, old age homes, schools and hostel campuses as well. These cameras monitor the subjects moving around and record their video footage. This footage acts as evidence whenever required to nab the intruders or mischievous elements in the hostel campus.

Installation of security cameras in hostel campuses is helpful in providing security to the hostel property and protection to the students. These cameras offer 24/7 surveillance which further provides a safe and peaceful campus to students and helps in creating a healthy environment which is free from any kind of criminal activity. These cameras can be installed at the entrance, exit of the hostel building, in the parking area, ground, auditorium, office and many other places. These cameras closely observe these areas and are advantageous to investigate any type of past criminal and violent act to deter the criminal activities.