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Welcome to our Saraswati Hostel

About Saraswati Hostel

Saraswati Residency Academy,Latur.
Residential Hostel,Opp Saraswati School,
Near Fakira Building, Prakash Nagar,
Barshi Road, Latur


  • First residential residency in Marathwada, which provides pre-training and information at the school level of National Examination of IIT, NDA, AIIMS and UPSC.
  • First Resident hostel in Marathwada, which organizes training camps at IAS, IIT Engineer, AIIMS doctor, Army Officer, at the school level.
  • Army Officer, Air Force Pilot, Navy Officer's LIVE DEMO Information as well as Medical LIVE information on different operating systems in the area.
  • 3rd to 10th HI-Tech curriculum by E-Leaming software.
  • Also Or web-link Knowledge of the first residential hostel in Marathwada, connected to the Internet.
  • Under the 100-hour career program, national level IIT, NEET, NDA, AIIMS and UPSC exams prepare in the Saraswati hostel.
  • 3rd to 10th of children through the semi, Marathi and English medium media Admission and arrangement of private tuition.
  • Living, eating in the best bed and cot, CCTV camera Ex facilities available in Saraswati hostel.